How to Deal With Bile Reflux

Sometimes it is hard to stop when one is having tasty food. If it is something that you like in particular, you are going to munch on as much as you can. The result is often gastric trouble and you are going to get a fair bit of heart burn.

It can be caused by acid reflux or in some cases bile reflux. Both go hand in hand and if you have one, you may develop the other as well. They are by no means fun and cause discomfort to the person suffering from them.

If one is to avoid bile reflux, certain measures must be taken. They are not drastic but need to be followed on a consistent basis.


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    See a Doctor

    If you are having bile reflux, see your doctor. Make sure that you do not delay it as the more it goes on, the more it will hurt. It is likely that the doctor will prescribe you medications which generally improve the movement of the bile and the issue is resolved. Medications are to be taken with meals in most cases and several times a day. In case of extreme conditions, you may have to go through surgery as well.

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    Drop Unhealthy Habits

    There are many habits that aid bile reflux. These include smoking and consumption of fatty foods. Both are bad for your general health and can be a cause of heart disease. If you can cut down on them, there is a good chance that most of the reflux trouble will go away.

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    Eat Smaller Meals

    This is another way of countering the reflux. If you have smaller meals that are healthy in nature and are devoid of fatty foods, your system will slowly start getting better. The working of your digestive system will improve and you should have a reduced amount of reflux even if it continues.

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    Sleeping Habits

    Do not lie down immediately after having a meal as it disturbs the natural process of digestion. Wait at least two to three hours after having a meal before you lie down or go to sleep. Also if you are having reflux trouble, you can get your bed raised by about six inches at the side of your head. It is quite likely that gravity will help in reducing the chances of reflux. Pillows are generally unable to do the job so raising the bed is a better option.

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