For My Big Brother

When I was in a warm, dark place,
I loved to hear your voice.
I could not yet see your sweet face,
But you made my heart rejoice.

I always knew I couldn’t stay.
I wasn’t built to last.
Whether a year or whether a day,
The love we felt was vast.

That first day, when I saw light,
I saw your face so fair.
I knew the love we’d always had
None else would ever share.

I loved to snuggle in your arms,
To hear your heart beat soft.
I felt so safe and so secure;
Without you, I’d be lost.

When it came time for me to leave,
I thought my heart would break.
To be so long without your hugs?
There must be some mistake.

But, our God knows the final plan.
The whole picture He can see.
Though we must spend some time apart,
We’ll have eternity.

In heaven where we’ll run and play
And live and laugh and love.
For time will never go away
In our blessed home above.

So, please, while you stay behind,
Remember me and smile.
Think of all the love we share;
We’ll be together in a while.

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