How to Treat Urolithiasis

Stone formation in the bladder is called urolithiasis. Urinary stones are more common in men of middle age and young women. The reasons for their formation are violations of water-salt metabolism functions of the endocrine glands, infections of the urinary tract, a weak flow of urine, etc.

Urolithiasis affects people of all ages. If you ignore the symptoms and do not cure the disease, it can lead to the development of pyelonephritis and cystitis. The primary cause of kidney stone disease is a metabolic disorder. The disease has some complications. So, the patient needs to consult a urologist.


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    Pass the necessary tests. Complete examination is necessary in order to determine the size and nature of the formations of stones in the bladder. Based on the analysis, the doctor will decide to refer you any therapy or he/she can treat urolithiasis disease by surgical methods.

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    Another way to get rid of pain from this disease or to cure the disease is to adapt ways to dissolve the stones in the bladder. This method is suitable for the elimination of stones, which are small in size. Any supplementation or implementation should only begin after the permission of your doctor.

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    Go through the procedure of grinding stones. Endoscopic lithoclasty is an effective way which is used to remove large rocks in the bladder and in those cases where the condition of the person requires immediate removal. The method is very effective and does not require surgical intervention as the stones are crushed with the help of electromagnetic waves. After the operation, patients are advised to go through physical therapy, which significantly reduces the duration of rehabilitation.

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    Follow a healthy diet. Depending on the nature of stones, doctors recommend different type of food. In some cases, the patient cannot eat spinach, lettuce, milk and potatoes.

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    Drink herbal infusions. The choice of herbal method is again dependent on the nature of the formation of kidney stones, their size and characteristics of the disease. On the recommendation of a doctor, you can always buy a special balanced composition, which may contain corn silk, Potentilla goose etc. The effect of herbal medicine for kidney stones can be significant, after constantly monitoring the status of a patient.

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    If the stone in the uterus  is small, try to use conservative methods. Take anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic drugs prescribed by the doctor. If necessary, try antibiotic therapy. Drink drugs that dissolve the stones.

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