How to Treat Menstrual Migraines

Migraines is one of the most common problems that women suffer during their menstrual cycle. This is because estrogen level falls sharply in their body before and during the periods. In addition they also experience certain changes in their hormones. These two and other factors are reason enough to trigger migraines, and studies have pointed out that 70% women suffer this problem during periods. The migraine can be avoided or treated through some basic home remedies, although visiting your doctor is also sensible step if you are suffering from this problem.


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    Intake of magnesium during the periods cycle by women who suffer this problem can help avoid migraines. There are many magnesium supplements available in the market but make sure you choose a trusted brand because quality of such products, especially if they are available over the counter, can be questioned.

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    Reducing the stress level can also help you avoid migraines during menstrual cycle. For example, you can take a day or two off from work, if you are a working woman, reduce routine of other hectic work, quit smoking, reduce drinking alcohol and improve your sleeping duration. This will reduce the stress level and thus might solve your migraines problem. If not, it is certainly going to help you in some other way.

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    Some doctors recommend continuation of taking birth control and menstrual regulating pills for the women who have an irregular periods cycle. They help women to maintain a right estrogen level in their body and this can help them avoid migraines.

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    Avoiding use of frozen foods such as meet, chocolates and vegetables is also recommended for helping yourself get relief from migraines. The food that contains nitrate and other chemicals can be a cause of triggering migraines in women during their periods cycles. So during this time you should be looking to eat fresh food items.

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    Further, you can use pain relief method such as a gentle massage of your head. However, the massage is no guarantee to providing relief from migraines immediately. It certainly reduces the stress level and this can lead to make you feel more relaxed, taking your mind off the pain. This method is also a good therapy to improve your sleep routine, which, in turn, helps in reducing migraines.

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    In case all other solutions do not work for you, you can take migraine medicines. However, it will be better to see your doctor first and then take any pills. Although there are good medicines that you can buy over the counter of your local pharmacy, taking pills without an advice from your doctor can be risky.

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    There are some herbal remedies in the market with different opinions about their effectiveness in reducing or treating migraines. You can try them out as well to see if they work for you. It is worth trying solution because of no associated side effects, and sometimes they are good to reduce the stress level and improve quality of your life during this time.

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