L’Oreal Paris Helps Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

I had a friend who died of ovarian cancer a few years ago after a long battle, having beaten it five times with chemo.

Since 1997 L’Oreal Paris has been one of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s most invaluable partners raising significant funds and awareness through many fundraising events and special products.

L’Oreal Paris has a Color of Hope Bracelet in partnership with the Fund which is a limited edition piece. The silk cord is done in mauve because it is the “color” of hope as made popular by the cosmetic company’s Color of Hope cosmetics collection launched in 2004. In addition the Angela Moore Ovarian Cancer Awareness Collection of hand painted beaded jewelry was created in honor of the ongoing research towards finding a cure. Alison Walsh, founder of the Just One Miracle Foundation has also hand designed stationary and gift bags.

Lord & Taylor was one of the Fund’s first corporate partners and since 1998 have funded its toll-free number, hosted four educational seminars, and donated proceeds of its special collection of CD’s to the Fund.

“Early detection and early intervention is critical to the survival of ovarian cancer patients,” said Dr. Shu-Wing NG.

In ovarian cancer tumors are unable to grow beyond several millimeters without recruiting new blood vessels to supply oxygen and nutrients. The Fund is located in New York, NY and may be reached at 800-873-9569.

“My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1999,” said Aileen.

According to Dr. Ernst Lengeyei of the University of Chicago/Department of OB-GYN, the dissemination of ovarian cancer cells throughout the abdominal cavity is responsible for mortality in ovarian cancer patients. You can make a donation at ocrf.org.

“Although it has been ten years since my mom died of ovarian cancer the illness impacts me every day,” said Andrea King Collier.

Dr. Monique Spillman of Duke University Medical Center said that serious ovarian cancer often shows up at an advanced stage where the tumor is already quite big and spread throughout the abdominal cavity.

The Institute for Human Gene Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania Health System’s records state that within each cell exists a chromosome and inside each one are genes that control the pattern of cell growth.

“At the age of 51 my maternal grandma lost her battle with ovarian cancer,” said Ashley.

Some early warning signs of ovarian cancer are:

Sometimes pain
Constipation or diarrhea

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