When Do I Need to Call My Doctor

What Signs Mean I Should Call My Doctor?

When we become pregnant, most of us close our eyes and imagine going through the different stages of our pregnancy and labor with the ‘normal’ things happening that are supposed to happen. And then giving birth to this beautiful little child. None of us wants to even think about, much less deal with, what could possible happen to turn or ‘normal pregnancy into an unplanned adventure.

Ectopic pregnancy

Starting your pregnancy off with the egg attaching itself outside the uterus or womb is called an ectopic pregnancy. Below are some signs or symptoms that may show up that will tell you that it is time to call the doctor immediately.
* Vaginal bleeding you feel that is not normal
* Pain in your shoulder
* Pain in your abdomen
* Feeling weak and dizzy
These symptoms don’t always mean you have an ectopic pregnancy, but you definitely need to be on the safe side.

Pregnancy induced hypertension

Pregnancy induced hypertension, or PIH, is high blood pressure bought on by pregnancy. It is a major disorder and needs to be monitored. PIH can be detected early on in your pregnancy. If you should have PIH and do not make or keep any prenatal appointments, the result may be bad for your health, as well as your baby’s. Your baby may be born prematurely, stillborn or with growth retardation. There are no for sure agreements as to what does cause PIH, but there are symptoms or signs that your body is telling you to call your doctor right away.
* You have gained 4-5 pounds in one week
* Your hands and face have become swollen
* After 12 hours or a resting period, the swelling in your ankles has not gone down
* There is protein in your urine
* You experience severe headaches and/or blurry vision
* You are starting to see spots in front of your eyes
* You are having severe pain over your stomach or under your ribs
You may not experience all of these signs or symptoms, but if you experience any, it is important to call your doctor.

It is also important to note that there is a certain amount of swelling in the ankles and feet that is normal. But normally, the swelling will go down after 12 hours or after you have had some rest. If the swelling doesn’t go down and you feel your face and hands start to swell, you need to call your doctor.

There just isn’t enough times you can be told to call your doctor if you feel something is wrong. There my be times when you are not sure if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or signs, but you feel that you know something is not right. Follow that feeling and call. This is no time to think you may be imagining things.The lives of both you and your baby may depend on it.

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