How to Treat Calcium Oxalate Stones

Oxalate is a chemical that mixed with calcium forms stones in kidneys, which are difficult to treat without surgery. However, there are some solution, which if implemented for a longer period of time can help dissolve the stones. For example, drinking a lot water and change in dietary intake can help reduce the size of these stones, and might remove them altogether. The process is slow so be patient if you are suffering from the condition or otherwise consult your doctor immediately.


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    Confirmation of Disease

    You cannot determine on your own that the pain in your kidneys is due to calcium oxalate stones. Even doctors do not reach to conclusion without tests that the stones in your kidneys are type of calcium oxalate stones. For this they will conduct blood tests on the patient to determine the type of the stones, before getting to the treatment. So have tests first to diagnose if the stones in your kidneys are calcium oxalate stones.

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    Increase Water Intake

    In case of kidneys pain, the most recommended home remedy is drinking of a lot of water. Increase your water intake. As you drink more and more water, your pain will be relieved and the process of dissolving the stones on its own can also be started. If you continue to drink a lot of water for a longer period of time, you might be able to find a solution to the problem permanently.

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    Increase Dairy Products Increase

    Getting calcium through natural sources such as dairy products can stop calcium from gathering in your body naturally. So during suffering the condition increase dairy products intake. This will have a positive effect and consuming the products in the longer run can help your treat the problem.

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    If you think that the problem is rather serious or your doctor recommends, undergo the medical treatment as soon as you can. One of the immediate options for treatment of calcium oxalate stones is surgery to remove the entire size of the stone at once. There are some procedures through which the doctor can crush the stone step by step and it is released through urine.

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