How to Reduce Dihydrotestosterone

Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone whose excessive amount is held responsible for causing hair loss. However, study suggests that DHT’s excessive amount in the body causes the blocking of hair follicle from normal patterns. Due to which the hair follicle dies by lack of nutrients that eventually leads to baldness. Several remedies have been proposed for causing the DHT’s production to slow down. Thus, helping the hair to grow in their normal way.


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    Clean the scalp by using a cleansing shampoo. Make sure you do that because you’ll need to have the surface of your head entirely clean. These kinds of shampoos can be bought at a local drugstore or in a salon nearby that sells hair-related products. This can also help you reducing the DHT levels in your body. Moreover, you can also use shampoos that contain clobetasol. This compound stops the excessive production of DHT in your body. Try to consult a doctor before you think of using the shampoo.

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    Visit a doctor for a check-up. He may help in figuring out whether you are a genuine case of DHT or not. If it is, then the doctor can recommend you necessary precautionary measures along with treatments for your DHT. If it’s not DHT, then it maybe thyroid disorder, which can also increase the release of dihydrotestosterone due to which you might be thinking that you’re suffering from a general case of DHT. Instead the doctor might recommend you a thyroid medication which would adjust the dosage or the medication and observe the results.

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    Chinese herbs are well-known remedy for many diseases. A herb named Shen Min is said to be an antidote for the overproduction of DHT. You can purchase these herbs online from the websites of local stores and these herbs can also be available in the nearby health food stores.  Blocking excessive DHT allows you to gather the necessary nutrients, so that they may reach the pores of the hair follicles.

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    You can also use Minoxidil (Ioniten) or Propecia (Finasteride) to put a halt to the excessive DHT production. Minoxidil is a skin-applying ointment that should be applied on the scalp daily for best results. The drug is sold under the brand name ‘Rogaine’ lately, and is easily available at any drugstore.

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    Try to refrain from taking too much caffeine in your daily diet as it’s a major cause of boosting such hormones which lead to hair loss.

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