How to Chose Vitamins to Relieve Meniere’s Disease

There are four common symptoms of the Meniere’s disease. If you are suffering from this disease, you will experience a fluctuation in your hearing levels, ringing in the ears which is also called tinnitus, vertigo and a clogged sensation in the ear drums. Patients suffering from Menier also experience a wide change in the frequency in their hearing.

Although this disease is a mysterious one, it has been proven that the main cause of it is excess endolymph, fluid in the ear. And there are a lot of treatments for this disease including usage of vitamins.


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    The main treatment according to some researchers is through strong blood circulation in the body. These researchers believe that Meniere’s can be limited through this procedure. In order to increase blood circulation, try using niacin which contains vitamin B3, B complex vitamins, Vinpocetine, cayenne or Ginkgo biloba.

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    Other studies done on this disease implicate that there are certain deficiencies associated with people suffering from Meniere. And, in order to combat these deficiencies, patients should try magnesium, manganese, lemon bioflavonoids (which strengthen the cell membranes so that the fluid is contained better), Ventigoheel (which alleviates dizziness) or the Q10 coenzyme which can improve tinnitus to some extent.

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    However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that all the aforementioned vitamins are subject to trial and error. For instance, there is a possibility that what exacerbates symptoms in one patient might not be an issue for another. In the same way, what controls these symptoms for one patient, might not do so for another one. This means that if you want to cure someone suffering from this disease, you have to try a series of these supplements in order to find the one that could relieve the symptoms.

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    One of the most mind boggling characteristics of this disease is that its symptoms vary widely. They can improve or worsen. Also, keep in mind that if one vitamin is working fine, it might not do so permanently. And, those symptoms might disappear altogether and that vitamin could become redundant.

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    A much better practise is consulting your doctor if you feel you have Meniere’s. Do not try taking vitamins or nutritional supplements without consultation. There is a chance that these vitamins, when combined with certain medicines, could generate a toxin that would be harmful to your body.

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    And, you also need to add just one vitamin to your diet at a time.

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