How to Prevent the Spread of Diseases

There are many diseases and illnesses around us that are contagious; they spread as people come in contact: the common cold, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia. Everyone wants to stay away from germs or be the cause of someone’s illness. It is not that hard to stay away from diseases; you just need to protect yourself and others. Start by taking some precautionary measures. So here are some tips to prevent them from spreading.


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    Wash your hands

    It is primarily important to wash your hands, essentially with soap and warm water. Rub the soap for at least 30 seconds from front and back. Rinse your hands and then dry them completely. Try to avoid touching door knobs unnecessarily after getting your hands clean. It will be beneficial if you carry a hand sanitizer with yourself. Always wash your hands after blowing your nose, using the toilet, sneezing or if you are around sick people. Also don’t forget to wash your hands before eating food.

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    Avoiding germs

    Try to avoid being around sick people. If you notice that some one is coughing or sneezing, try to maintain a distance. These diseases can also be carried through the air, so you are at stake just by breathing. If you are suffering from some contagious disease, do other people a favour and stay away from them. Try to contain your germs. If you are sneezing, do keep a tissue in hand and keep your nose covered. Always cover your mouth when you are about to cough. Try to wash your hands often and do not touch others. Dispose off your tissues properly so that other people do not come in contact with them.

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    Time to heal

    Your body is not a machine so it will not recover at once, give it some time. If you have a fever or some other sickness, do not try to go out. It is better that you stay at home so that the contagious disease does not spread. Take a leave from school or work. If the infection is bacterial, take your antibiotic medicine regularly as prescribed by the doctor. This way the risk of spreading will decrease. Another option is to get immunized. It is an effective way to stop the spreading; it prevents from giving and also getting a disease. It is recommended to get immunizations which are feasible for your age. Also get vaccinations against flu and pneumonia.

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