Symptoms of Chest Congestion

Excess mucus stuck in your chest causes inflammation in your throat leading to congestion. During this time, your chest feels heavy, making it hard for you to breathe. There are several symptoms of chest congestion and once you experience them, you can always pay a visit to your doctor knowing about your problem beforehand. The causes of chest congestion can be bronchitis or pneumonia and the treatment requires prescribed drugs and over-the-counter medication; however, there are a few people who make the perfect home remedies.


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    Mucus stuck in your chest causes congestion, making it hard for you to breathe. This, in turn, makes you cough. The cough caused by chest congestion may cause a lot of pain.

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    Having trouble breathing

    If you are finding it hard to breathe through your nose or mouth, then it is plausible that you have a congested chest. There are several reasons for running out of breath, but in this case the reason is the high amount of mucus that gets stuck in your windpipes and lungs.

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    Chest pain

    Once you are experiencing congestion, your chest starts to feel heavy and that causes discomfort and pain. Your chest gets an infection because of all the germs inside, and that infection causes your chest to ache.

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    The wheezing sound from your chest is present because of the mucus trapped inside. It’s the most direct sign of chest congestion. This sound explains that your chest is being congested because of a thick fluid which is making it hard for you to breathe.

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    Runny nose

    You will experience a runny nose alongside a congested chest. It is also the best possible way to get rid of chest congestion as it helps you eradicate the mucus trapped inside. However, the person suffering from chest congestion will have a runny nose before he/she feels congestion in the chest.

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    Coughing blood

    In worse case scenarios, if your chest is not being treated properly, you might cough blood. In this case you are advised to visit a doctor as soon as possible. There are several other diseases which may cause the same problem and while a chest congestion is curable, some diseases are not.

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    Breathing noises

    Alongside troubled breathing, the sound of your breath will also be unusual.

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