How to Use the Reality Theory to Explain Depression

We often see people complaining about depression due to several reasons. It can be related to anything in a person’s life, but there are different theories of explaining depression and fighting it. One of those is the reality theory, which focuses on five elements power, belonging, freedom, fun and survival.

Human beings fight for these things throughout their life and if they are deprived of anything, they might end up suffering depression. Some people are strong enough to cope up with such problems, thus they don’t get depressed at all. However, there are a few individuals, who are extremely sensitive and take a lot of stress about different things.


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    Understand depression

    First of all, you have to understand what depression is. This way, you will be able to treat the patients in a much better way. Moreover, you need to focus on the factors which the reality theory emphasises on. Once you are able to do that, you can start helping patients suffering depression.

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    Check what the patient feels

    When it comes to explaining depression through the reality theory, one has to find out what the patient feels. Some people might be depressed, but they are not out of control. However, other might think that they are not under their own control, thus they suffer a lot of stress and stay unhappy.

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    Check if the patient feels unloved

    Another factor, which causes depression, is the feeling of being unloved. The reality theory really focuses hard on this factor, as it is believed to be a major cause of stress. You have to find out if the patient feels unaccepted in the society. If this is the case, make sure that he/she gets involved in new relationships and makes new friends through the social networking websites.

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    Does the patient feel meaninglessness?

    Some patients feel that their life is absolutely meaningless, so they suffer a lot of depression. There can be any reason behind this factor, so they need to be handled carefully otherwise they might think of an extreme step like committing suicide.

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    Find signs of boredom in patients

    Some patients might not have a severe issue, as they could have been depressed because of lack of recreation. Because of being overly bored, one can get stressed. If you find these symptoms in the patients, advise them to take some holidays and go on a family trip to the hilly areas.

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