How to Lower the Risk of Ear Infection in Children

Children suffering from ear infection is a quite common phenomenon. However, the problem is that kids cannot tell the parents alone about what is bothering them. But parents should call the doctor after some circumstantial evidences and focusing on the child’s behavior.

Ears are one of the most complex organs connected to the nasopharynx and auditory tube. Diseases can occur for various reasons, but the main  reason behind the problem is usually an infection.

Thus, the child should get proper treatment from an otolaryngologist who will judge the root cause of the infection after medical examination.


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    Watch out for the baby if he/she is showing some symptoms of discomfort, restlessness, becoming more moody than usual, is shaking his head too much, crying without any reason and holding ear etc.

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    If a child has an earache, he will keep turning from side to side , as he/she can not find a position in which he/she would feel comfortable, while you are trying him/her to asleep.

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    A child may refuse to eat because chewing and swallowing gives pain.

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    In order to check the earache, you can press on the tragus - a small bump on the outside of the ear lightly. Check whether it is causing any pain or the baby cries. But this method is not available in all cases, as some diseases are not always accompanied by pain. Therefore this method cannot be considered as universal.

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    The most common cause of pain in the ear are inflammatory processes that can occur in the ear canal. If your child is having pain in ears, shooting call any audiologist. Audiologist will conduct a medical examination, if necessary, and prescribe tests. In acute otitis they recommend patient to use antibiotics . Dose and form of the drug are selected by the doctors on the basis of the medical examination.

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