How to Relieve Constipation While Pregnant

One of the most common problems in pregnancy is constipation. The signs include constant urge to defecate, abdominal pain and lack of feeling full bowel movement even after defecation.

During pregnancy, many women suffer from constipation. This occurs due to compression of the intestine or due to poor digestion period of toxicity. There may be other factors connected with the intestines. Constipation problem in pregnancy greatly complicates the lives of women.

Almost every woman faces this problem at certain stages of pregnancy.  The causes of constipation are related to changes in hormonal levels but to combat this phenomenon is possible.


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    Go through all the assigned physician surveys and studies (ultrasound of the abdomen, biochemical blood scatological study and analysis of blood). Based on the reports, the doctor can wisely advise you an optimal therapy.

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    Drink a glass of hot water in the morning with an empty stomach. Then wait until 30 minutes before drinking or eating anything.

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    Be sure to include dairy products yoghurt buttermilk in your diet. Drink 200-300 grams of yoghurt or other dairy products before going to bed. This food will not only be saving you from constipation but it is also very good for the health of the baby.

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    Increase the intake of fibre which you can find in different vegetables. It helps to eliminate harmful substances from the body. Fibre is found in cabbage, carrots, radishes, whole grain bread, bran etc.

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    Do not neglect doing exercises in pregnancy. You can find a lot of stuff on internet of how to do different exercises or you can consult a gynaecologist. Do special breathing exercises that increase the motility of the intestine.  This is arguably the best exercise during pregnancy. Do light exercises for example, yoga.

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    Mix 100 g of honey with 100 ml of olive oil. Eat one tablespoon in the morning and one at night. It might help you in getting rid of the problem.

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    Talk to your gynaecologist, it is possible that the doctor will prescribe laxatives. Remember to be careful before use laxatives because they cause intense colonic contractions, which can lead to premature uterine contractions.

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