How to Control Allergic Asthma

There is no medicine that can completely cure allergic asthma. However, there are many short term solutions which can provide instant relief, inhaler being the best one among them. A couple of puffs will restore the normal breathing pattern and you can carry on with your normal routine.  That is not the only solution though. There are various methods through which you can control this allergy. Remember, it’s all about prevention and caution.


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    Know the extent of your problem

    The most important thing is that you should be aware of the extent of your problem. If the allergy is not severe, you should not opt for any medications and rely on exercises to make your lungs stronger. However, if the problem is severe and is continually becoming worse then you will definitely need some medication.

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    Exercise is the most natural cure for asthma allergy, however make sure that you don’t lift any weight. The best form of exercise is jogging, which will improve your stamina and you will be able to control your breathing.

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    Stay away from dust

    Dust can trigger an asthma attack so try covering your face all the time. Whenever you go outside, try wearing a mask which prevents the dust from entering your lungs.

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    Avoid smoking

    Even if you are not an asthma patient, you can become one if you are a smoker. Rid yourself of this bad habit as it will destroy your lungs gradually. Even if you don’t smoke, avoid the company of friends who do it.

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    Monitor your diet

    Allergic asthma can be caused by different foods; for example, eggs, cow's milk, peanuts, soy, wheat, fish, shrimp and other shellfish. In some cases, salads and fresh fruits can also trigger this allergy. The important thing is to make sure that you are aware of all such triggers, and plan your diet accordingly.

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    Be aware of the pollen count

    Pollen is a major trigger of an asthma attack. Be aware of the pollen count in your city and make sure that you take preventive measure in the spring season.

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    Consult your doctor

    Your doctor can provide you a lot of good ideas as he/she will be better aware of your condition. Try not to self medicate.

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