How to Treat Asthma during Pregnancy

Asthma is a condition in which patients suffer swollen and narrowed airways of the lungs. This leads them to shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and at times even worst conditions. Asthma is one of those conditions that can get extremely dangerous if the sufferer is pregnant or is going through a serious physical change.


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    Understand that women who are pregnant usually face severe asthma attacks in the initial 29 to 36 weeks of pregnancy.

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    Understand that asthma affects reduce during the last weeks of pregnancy. If you face regular asthma attacks, this might not be the case. Keep a check on your lung health to ensure everything normal.

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    Maintain your blood pressure. Eat well and avoid triggers such as drugs and caffeine that can trigger asthma attacks.

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    Avoid exposure to specific allergies that can trigger asthma attacks. Exposure to dust is one major way of inviting asthma attacks.

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    Do not smoke or drink during your pregnancy days. Smoking and drinking can work as triggers when it comes to asthma. Many women have suffered through grave consequences.

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    Regular monitoring of the mother’s lungs is important in order to know if the lung function is normal. Tests such as spirometry are used to determine if shortness of breath has anything to do with the asthma getting worse. Women do experience shortness of breath during pregnancy and determining if it is related to asthma is important.

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    It is necessary to make sure the baby is not being suffering due to the asthma issues with the mother. In general, non-stress testing is recommended for women who suffer from asthma attacks every now and then. After 32 weeks of pregnancy, the mother should keep up with such tests regularly.

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    Use special casings on pillows and mattresses to avoid allergic reactions. Dust from pillow covers and bed sheets can cause allergic reactions, which can give rise to asthma attacks.

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    Women should get flu shots during flu seasons. Flu can be a trigger for asthma so pregnant women should get flu shots to avoid any mishaps.

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    There are several medications to control asthma during pregnancy. Most of these medicines are the same that are used to treat asthma in normal days. However, extra precautions should be taken while using treatment medicines during pregnancy.

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