How to Treat Cardiovascular Disorders With Acupuncture

A number of studies have proven effectiveness of acupuncture in treating hypotension and hypertension, including those by the World Health Organization. However, care has to be taken in severe cardiovascular diseases such as angina and myocardial infarction and in case of these problems special treatment should be a suitable option. While acupuncture can be a route to treatment of hypo and hypertension, do not adopt the route without advice from your doctor and should consult a heart specialist before that.


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    You can try the treatment of acupuncture if your problems is not that severe. For example, you can treat hypertension through acupuncture. A number of studies have supported its effectiveness in treatment of high blood pressure and other symptoms of hypertension. The WHO has also endorsed the method to be effective.

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    If you are suffering from hypotension, you can treat it through acupuncture also, but in case of any other cardiovascular disease do not rely only on this form of treatment. A good acupuncture specialist will advise you for proper tests, if they are unable to diagnose whether hypotension is the only problem you are suffering from.

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    Even before trying the acupuncture option you should consult a cardiovascular specialist and have all relevant tests performed. Although acupuncture is good for treating some heart problems it is not an effective method for diagnostic of those problems. Normal tests can reveal the exact type of heart disease you are suffering from and then you can get it treated.

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    In case you have an angina problem or any other severe condition such as myocardial infarction you should refer to a cardiovascular specialist. Acupuncture specialist should not try to treat these  problems as no study has supported them to be an effective solution in such cases. Only a qualified heart specialist can diagnose and treat these problems.

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    You should seek your heart specialist's advice before trying acupuncture as an option for treatment of any heart problem, especially if you have a family history, you should get the problem diagnosed first properly. A complete scanning through all tests is must to determine the exact level of the problem and doctors can then only be able to recommend and try different treatments. Since it is more sensitive issues and is matter of your life, you should not take any risky route without advice from your doctor.

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