Signs of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer is a very aggressive type of cancer, which can occur in women at any age. However, some men also stand a chance of getting it.

It is known as an inflammatory breast cancer, because most of the symptoms and signs are similar to an inflammation. However, sometimes the symptoms may vary.

It is very important for every woman understand what signs to look out for, so that they can go see a doctor if they suspect anything unusual. Not being able to see the signs of inflammatory breast cancer early can unfortunately result in spreading making it almost incurable.


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    The first thing that you want to look out for is an unusual increase in the size of the breast. Sometimes, the breast size increases slightly for a small period of time. However, if you feel that there is a rapid change, then you should be alarmed and visit the doctor's office.

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    Look for redness, a rash or any form of blotchiness on either one of the breasts. Normally these colour changes become very apparent so they are easy to spot and identify. Keep note of any type of changes and if these signs persist then schedule an appointment with a medical professional.

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    If you think that there is a bruising or a bug bite on one of your breasts, but it seems to still be there for much longer then it should, then you should consider it to be a sign that something is wrong.

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    If you are constantly itching your breast or your nipple and feel that the itch just won’t go away, you should consider things to be getting quite serious.

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    As is the case with other types of breast cancers, there will be a thickening or development of a lump in the breast tissue. So make sure you feel around for it from time to time, to ensure that you don’t have one.

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    Normally, with inflammatory breast cancer, the breasts seem to get unusually warm. If you feel that your breast are has been warmer than normal for long periods of time, you should go see a doctor right away.

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    Sometimes, inflammatory breast cancer also causes the dimpling of the breast skin. It is also known to cause the flattening or retraction of the nipple from its normal position.

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    If you have inflammatory breast cancer, chances are that there is a nipple discharge, or a change in the colour of the pigmented area around the nipple.

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    Stabbing pains and soreness can also be an indication that you might have some early signs of inflammatory breast cancer.

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