How to Care for Someone with Chronic Kidney Disease

When someone you are really concerned and care about has Chronic Kidney Disease, you might want to relieve his/her pain at any cost, but do not know how. You are not a doctor but your proper care and attention can help the suffering individual in recovering from this hard-hitting situation, increasing the quality of life. Caring for someone with chronic kidney disease is not a difficult task at all, neither has it required any medical capabilities. With slightly changes in the patient’s lifestyle along with proper treatment, you can help him/her to beat the Chronic Kidney Disease.


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    Stay optimistic and give moral support

    Chances are high that the patient suffering from a chronic kidney disease can give up and can get lost in a spiral of depression or sadness. It can make his her condition worse. Stay by their side and remain a positive force in his/her life. Try your best to help them in finding a hope in their life. Your moral support can have a positive impact on the overall success of their treatment.

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    Get involved and play an active role

    The patient suffering from a Chronic Kidney Disease finds it very difficult to accept their disease. Here you have to play your role in to help your loved one, researching the disease and helping him/her to select the right therapy.

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    Act as their advocate

    Go together with him/her on their appointments with the doctor and act like a patient’s true advocate. Moreover, make sure that the patient takes medicine on time as proper timings can make the treatment more effective.

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    Don’t give up - Change in roles

    Caring for your loved one with chronic kidney disease is no doubt a very tough job that requires patience and time. And most of the time you might find it very difficult to manage the daily activities along with taking care of the sufferer. Therefore, the best thing you can do is “involve other family members or friends as well.”  Shift the duties time to time in order to make sure that you care taking care of the patient along with other daily activities.

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    Help the patient in maintaining a positive attitude

    The one suffering from the chronic kidney disease generally spend less time with other due to dialysis. But you cannot give up, keep in tough and convince him/her to join you on the dining table, taking his/her dietary needs into consideration. Ask him/her to join you in the pleasant morning walk, yoga, meditation or jogging etc.

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