How to Treat Insomnia with Alternative Remedies

One of the major causes of insomnia or sleeping disorder is the lifestyle of a person. For example, not having a proper bed and wake-up time can affect your sleep. In fact it can change your sleeping routine and time. Many people find themselves sleeping during the day while staying awake at night. With change of your lifestyle, you can treat the problem with home remedies. Also, the medication is not a guaranteed treatment of the disease.


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    Establish Bed Time

    Sleeping properly is as important for your health as eating healthy and drinking water. You should not compromise on this need for your body. It is better you have a proper and regular bed time and then wake-up time in the morning. If you sleep and wake up at the same time every day, your sleep quality can improve.

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    Improve Conditions

    If you are sleeping at a place which attracts a lot noise, or have television set in your room, it is better to remove it. A quiet and pleasant environment can give you a comfortable sleep.

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    Eat Proper Meal At Night

    Some people have habit of not eating a proper meal at night. If you are one of them, start eating a proper and healthy meal. With an empty stomach you cannot get a sound sleep.

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    Regular exercise is the best way to improve your sleep quality, and get away with any disorder. Physical exercise can make you feel tired, and you can sleep better and more. Do not do excessive workout as it can cause you fatigue and you find it hard to catch up with your sleep. Sometimes you end up sleeping more during the day, and less at night. Exercise is also essential if your job involves more mental and less physical work.

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    Reduce Caffeine Intake

    Reduction in caffeine intake can also help in improvement of sleeping time and quality. Try to eliminate caffeine from your food altogether, or at least reduce it to a minimum amount.

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    If you have any specific problem such as sleep apnea or have any difficulty in breathing, consult your doctor to get the treated permanently. You can use mask that helps in finding a solution to sleep apnea problem, which should improve quality of your sleep.

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