How to Detect Bacterial Meningitis

There are a number of illnesses or diseases that can become life threatening for young children and this is why being able to detect them is very important. Bacterial meningitis may not be very common but if it does develop, the consequences could be dire if not detected and treated as soon as possible.

The inflammation of the covering of the brain brought about by a viral, bacterial or fungi infection can be termed as being meningitis and could cause serious problems within hours if proper treatment is not sought. Because of its symptoms are not extraordinary, many people are unable to detect it.


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    A sudden fever is never a good thing, especially when nothing was previously wrong. If the child has a cold or flu, than checking for a fever is important to make sure that it does not last longer than it should. Never take a fever that lasts longer than a day or two lightly, as this can be a sign of much more serious issues.

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    Severe Headaches

    Children are meant to be active because of their young age, which is why severe headaches should not be part of their day. If the child in question is suffering from severe headaches, ones that can be caused just by shaking the head, medical attention should be immediately sought.

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    Children should not be normally suffering from a stiff or painful neck, along with back pain and even seizures. All of these abnormalities are symptoms of meningitis, which is why seeking medical help is extremely important if any of these problems arise.

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    Large and small spots around a child’s body that seem to be a rash without any reason are also a symptom that your child could be suffering from bacterial meningitis. Surprisingly, nearly two-thirds of all patients suffering from the disease have rashes.

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    Vomiting and Eyesight

    If it is becoming hard to see or the person in question is vomiting without there being any valid reason for doing so, this could also be a sign of meningitis and medical attention should be sought out immediately.

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    Being constantly tired and unable to perform daily activities is another major symptom of meningitis, which is why getting it checked up by a doctor is the best way to go about it. A number of problems have fatigue as their top symptom and without a valid cause, it can be very worrisome.

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