The room is small and the walls are made of wood. It looks almost like an outhouse, something they still use in certain places in China. A man with a hunched back walks around in the room but cannot find a door so he screams. The walls echo with his screams. Suddenly, an axe falls down from the sky and chops off half of his head. The half with his eyes fall to the ground while his body stands still. His mouth is frozen in a silent scream as blood oozes from his head. He stares at his dismembered body from the ground. His body sways in place and he thinks about catching himself but he has no arms to catch with. The body falls and squashes him.

An invisible door suddenly opens and a reporter with her camera crew comes into the scene. She talks into the camera and says, “Reporting from Claremont, we are at the scene of a gruesome disembodiment. Landlord says the rent of the room will be increased as a result of this incident.” The dismembered man hears this and wants complain but his body is still on top of him and he has no mouth to speak with. Professor Berkeley of the Cognitive Science department shows up and says the right brain and the left brain are separated to prevent neurosis. The professor picks up the hunched man’s top brain and sews it back to his body. However, the professor is in a real big hurry so he talks really fast and ends up sewing the top half of the man’s head backwards. The reporter watches this and sticks the microphone up to the reattached man and asks him what he thinks about the increase in rent. The man turns around to look at her, but his mouth is now in the back of his head, so he turns around again, but now he cannot see the microphone. So the man spins and spins until spider webs start to explode from his hands like Spiderman. The reporter screams and turns to the landlord to say that it is okay to increase the rent since Spiderman is messy with his webs.

Two people in black shoots the crazy man and the man dies. They flash their FBI badges at the reporter and the landlord. Scully opens the man up. She sticks labels on the man’s body. Scully finishes and reports that this man is the one that has been doing too many cartwheels on the road, kicking innocent people off the road with his feet. She also says that the feet are genetically malformed. The toes were stuck together, not separate like a normal person’s toes. This is the reason the man did so many cartwheels. Mulder is happy Scully is right and he hugs her until the reporter breaks down and cries because they look like such a happy couple. The reporter from Claremont asks them if they have any kids. Mulder and Scully are in a hurry to leave so they stick an invoice on the dead man’s feet and say they will come back later to arrest the man’s feet.

Mrs. Pontellier decides to claim the body of the dead man, but not the part with the eyes because she does not want him to look after her. Edna cuts off the stitches and takes the body. She remembers that he always like the sea so she sprouts some wings and carries the dead body to the sea. Once there, Edna drops the body into the sea. The body floats up and Edna thinks that he does not make a good picture, so she pushes the body back down into the water. Then, the body floats up again. Edna ties a stone to the body but the body still will not sink. Edna is puzzled so she brings the part of the head with the eyes and throws that into the sea. It sank like a rock and never came back up. She wonders why the head sinks but the body floats. Equipped with paper and brush, she paints this scene so everyone will see how the head sinks and the body floats.

A tourist sees Edna painting the dead man and decides to report it to the police. The police take Edna to a courtroom. Everyone on the jury had children running around in the courtroom. The judge asks the jury if Edna is guilty but they could not decide so the prosecution brings in an extra witness. A man cartwheels into the room, kicking innocent children as he goes by. It is the man that Edna threw into the sea, with his eyes slightly misaligned from the rest of his face. Edna asks the man why he is back and he answers that he is afraid of being out at sea since he did not learn how to swim yet. The judge asks the jury again if they think Edna is guilty. The jury still could not decide, but they are mad at the man for kicking their children so they gave the judge the guilty verdict for the man. The man starts to run away but the guards come to stop him. They struggle quite a bit but the officers finally lock the man up. However, during the struggle, the top half of the man’s head fell off. Now the man’s head rests on the hardwood floors of the courtroom while the body is in jail. The head decides that he wants to go home because he is hungry, but he discovers that he cannot move because he has not feet. He tries to call out to someone but he had no mouth. Then he wonders why he is still alive when more than half of his body is gone. He wonders why he can still see the gum under the benches of the courtroom with his eyes. The man could not figure out why this is happening to him, but he suddenly feels very sleepy. So he closes his eyes and starts to dream of highlighting books and typing on computers.

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