How to Get Rid of Flour Weevils

Flour is one of the most consumed food products in our daily routine while Weevils are one of the most common problems one has to encounter in an open bag of flour. Once they infest in the flour bag, there is not much one can do to clean out the flour. However, there are several things that one can easily do to prevent Weevils from infesting your flour.


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    Freeze the Flour:

    After purchasing the bag of flour, it is recommended that one seal it inside a freezer bag and place in the freezer for at least three to four days before storing it as usual. The freezing process is crucial to killing off any eggs already existing in the flour bag.

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    Dry Bay Leaf:

    Placing a dried bay leaf in the container you are going to store the flour is helpful in preventing weevils to infest.

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    Choose Flour Containers with Lids:

    Weevils often infest in the flour if they remain open or are stored in an open container for long. It is recommended that one chooses a container with an air tight lid on it in order to prevent the flour from being infested.

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    Using Flour Regularly:

    Storing flour in the container for too long will enhance the chances of weevils’ infestation. It is better that one should only purchase flour according to their need. The faster it is finished, the fewer the chances of infestation. In addition, if one uses flour on a regular basis, it also reduces the chances of pest infestation.

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    Clean Shelves Regularly:

    It is recommended that one keeps the cabinet where all the food products are stored neat and tidy. If any of the area seems to be infested, make sure that you bring all the food products outside the cabinet, and clean the whole cabinet thoroughly. After the cabinet has dried up, place the shelf paper and place all your food products back in the cabinet. However, remember to check every container for infestation before placing them back.

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    Remove all the Infested Food:

    Once you have discovered that any of your dried food products have infested with weevils, cautiously remove it from the cabinet, and throw it away. There is nothing one can do after the food products have been infested, so make sure that you throw it away.

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