Signs & Symptoms Apical Petrositis

The ears help us in hearing sounds. They are closely linked to our nose and throat and an issue with one can have effects on all three. It is important that one tries to make sure that no infection effects either one of the three as it can be a bigger problem.

Apical petrositis is the inflammation of the temporal bone which covers the ear and adjoining it with the skull. Inflammation here can cause a middle ear infection as well. It is important that we understand the signs and symptoms in order to avoid grave health issues.


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    It is a liquid discharge due to the inflammation in the ear. If you get this, this could be a symptom of the apical petrositis. Discharges from the ear are not very common and must be taken seriously.

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    Fever is a very common symptom and can be associated with various medical problems. However, it is one of the symptoms with apical petrositis and in case you have other symptoms plus the fever, it is a good time to see your doctor.

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    Headache or Facial Pain

    There can be severe headaches or facial pain when you are suffering from the apical petrositis. Since the areas are associated with the ear, a problem with the ear can very well cause problems for the face and the head as well. You can also have pain in the retro orbital area, the area around the eye. This can be very severe in nature.

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    It is one of the medical terms for ear pain. If you are having ear pain along with some of the other symptoms, it could very well mean that you are suffering from apical petrositis. If other symptoms are present as well, you should see a medical professional right away.

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    The inflammation can cause confusion since there is pressure on the head of the person. It can cause a person to feel lost at times. You can also feel that you have troubled consciousness and not feeling well at all. It can also cause you to lose balance of the body on occasions.

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