How to Use a Home Remedy for Cerumen

Cerumen, also called an earwax, is a yellow waxy material that cleans and protects our ears from water, dirt, fungi and bacteria. If we do not have Cerumen then our ears can become infected.

There are two types of Cerumen, soft and hard, as it depends on genetics. Kids have soft earwax whereas adults face problems due to hard earwax. If it builds up, it can block the ear canal. There are many signs of Cerumen problems like itchiness, earache and tinnitus.

Though, earwax treatment can be a painful process but you can do it yourself by using some home remedies.


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    Use sea water:

    If you feel that your ear needs cleansing then you can do it yourself with sea water ear spray. The best thing about sea water is that it is very mild and efficient. The salty characteristics of this water do not possess any side effects and you can use this as ear cleanser without any hesitation.

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    Use paraffin oil:

    Another method to remove ear wax is to use paraffin or mineral oil. You can buy them from any store and then all you need to do is to warm the oil. Fill an eye dropper and then pour few drops into the ear. Do not turn over as the oil will need couple of minutes to penetrate into your ear wax. This process may take time but ultimately it will soften the ear wax and make the cleansing easy for you.

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    Use warm water:

    If your ear wax is soft then you can remove it with the help of warm water. However, make sure that it is not hot as it can hurt the sensitive parts of your ear. Take a spoon and scoop up some water. Lie down and pour warm water in your ear. If you can feel crackling then it means this trick is working.

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    Mullein garlic ear oil:

    The blocked ear can be opened with the help of mullein garlic ear oil. Just two drops a day for couple of days and you will feel a significant difference. When earwax becomes soft, you can remove it by using cotton buds.

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    Ear candling:

    For the last couple of years, ear candling has become an effective home remedy for Cerumen. However, you should not do not do it alone as your hair or clothes can catch fire because of any negligence.

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