Fundaments of Interior Lighting

Ignoring the factor of internal lighting can result in quite a few lost sale opportunities on the real estate market – and many other problems. Why is proper interior lighting of such vital importance?

�· Insufficient or excessive lighting can harm our eyes and cause migraines.
�· Insufficient or excessive lighting can result in serious accidents.
�· Insufficient or excessive lighting can lead to depression and other psychological complications.
�· Insufficient or excessive lighting can spoil the beauty of interiors.
�· Insufficient lighting can cause depression

Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to overlook or ignore these facts. Two commonly noted reasons for this are:

� The desire to minimize electricity bills
� Ignorance about the importance of proper interior lighting in matters of aesthetics and safety.

The fact is that money saved by improper interior lighting can cost us a lot more than we usually realize. In a domestic setting, homeowners put the safety and even lives of their family members at risk when they overlook the aspect of proper lighting. Young students who live in ‘underlighting’ homes have also been proved to give a consistently lower performance at school and college. Likewise, a poorly lit kitchen can put not only the housewife but also the entire household at risk.

From the interior aesthetics point of view, it should be understood that there could be both too little and too much illumination, as well as illumination of the wrong kind. As a general rule, a homeowner should realize that it is often not valid to have only one kind of lighting provided throughout the house – different rooms require different fixtures, intensities, anti-glare provisions, etc.

There are various other forms of lighting that can be employed to upgrade the aesthetics of one’s home. It makes perfectly good sense to scan some of the many interior decoration journals and magazines available these days. This will give you a better concept of the possibilities, and help you decide on what you are looking for in your home, or on how to give it a competitive edge on the realty market.

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