How to Treat Bunions without Surgery

A Bunion is a foot-disease caused by an abnormal outgrowth of the big toe of your feet in a tilted angle, instead of growing in the straight direction. The primary cause of this deformity is the enlargement of bone or tissue around the joint of the toe. Hence, causing inflammation along with an irregular outgrowth.

The common reason behind the disease is wearing uncomfortable shoes, one that are either too tight on your feet or don’t provide enough room for the muscles to relax. Shoes such as tight-tipped and high heels are among the reported major causes bunions. Surgeries are considered as the effective remedy for bunions. However, there are several others ways as well to get rid of this unnecessary outgrowth and inflammation.


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    Consult a Physical Therapist

    The best way to have your bunion treated without the use of medicine or surgery, is through physical therapy. The bunion can be restored if the patient undergoes the therapy without delaying it too much, and can get rid of the deformity for good.

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    Try Medication

    If your schedule is too occupied to visit a physical therapist, or for some reason you cannot get an appointment with him, then in that case go for medication. Medicines a remedy for several diseases, along with a regular foot exercise, you wouldn't feel the need for a surgery. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are recommended for the treatment of bunion, and don't forget to consult the pharmacist regarding the dose.

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    Change your shoes

    Sometimes all you need to do is just to change your shoes. Bunions are mostly caused due to uncomfortable footwear, and if you start feeling the symptoms then you should definitely consider switching to more comfortable footwear.

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    Use Protective Pads

    Doctors recommend that a person suffering from bunions should consider using protective pads while wearing his or her shoes. A protective pad helps the individual to experience more comfort, as it reduces friction while taking the pressure off the inflammation. Moreover, it's also recommended that footwear having soft soles should be preferred.

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    Watch the way you walk

    The human body is just like any other piece of machinery and the improper use of a particular body part may cause it to be damaged. Same is the situation in the case of bunions. The patient tends to put excessive pressure on his or her big toe while walking, or doesn't have a correct posture when doing so. Due to that the individual suffers from an abnormal outgrowth. Therefore, in order to avoid such kind of mishap, one should consider correcting the way they walk. Like they, say, prevention is the best medicine.

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