How to Stop a Seizure without Drugs

Seizures, also known as a fit, is a medical condition which is caused by an abnormal excessive neuronal activity in the brain. It can lead to the patient loosing awareness or causing him to act in a wild thrashing movement as he has no control over his actions. Seizures appear to have been more common in children as compared to adults, mostly because adults have developed a solution to avoid or take control of their body during seizure attacks during the course of their lifetime. There are a few tips through which you can help yourself in taking control of such a situation or simply, avoid a seizure attack by taking the necessary measures.


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    Create a list of things that calm you down. It can either be soft music, burning incense or just closing your eyes and letting yourself relax. You can also recall your good memories in order to make yourself feel calm. This list would serve to be a major tool in calming you down during your seizures. Whenever you are having a seizure or feel that you’re going to have it, you can use this mental list to calm things down. This would help you in avoiding a seizure attack before it can even happen.

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    If you ever had a seizure attack you’ll be familiar with the things that cause it. These can be specific triggers that can cause you to suffer the seizure. These incidents or situations tend to be the primary cause of these seizures. Try to avoid these certain conditions so that you may not have to bear to go through another seizure. And just in case if you can’t avoid them, you need to have a plan as to how you would combat it. You can use the list that you formulated in the previous step to fight against the seizure. The calmer you’ll get, the lesser chances are there for a seizure attack. For instance, if fatigue is the primary cause for seizure then try to take enough rest when you can so that you can avoid that condition.

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    Breathe in and out of your nose and mouth slowly. Try to keep your mind as blank as possible causing it to calm. Try to fill yourself with void emptiness to avoid any hyperactivity that may cause the seizure. The more you think about the seizure the more upset you’ll get. Try not to focus on the seizure or how to stop it. Instead just breathe and let your body relax.

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    Lay down in a quiet dark room and try to relax. This helps in removing the stress caused due to the seizure. However, if you’re afraid of the dark then don’t go for this option as it will cause you to panic more rapidly instead of calming you down.

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    You can also use Vagus Nerve Stimulators. These devices are implant just under the skin between your chest and neck. This device has wires connected to the neck which can send electrical impulses in a timed manner to allow constant flow of impulses to your brain instead of irregular impulses that cause seizures. These devices are programmed by neurologist who set it as per your condition.

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