How to Stop Bleeding External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid bleeding is very unpleasant, especially if you are consistently on the move. However, if you have hemorrhoids eventually they will bleed which means you cannot avoid the condition when the hemorrhoids are external. The good thing about internal hemorrhoids is that they are rarely affected by the external environment which is not the case in external hemorrhoids.

The nature of your treatment depends on the level of bleeding, if you are facing severe hemorrhaging, then it is best to apply pressure to the affected area, remember to use clean toilet paper or a soft fabric. By doing so you will slow down the bleeding and eventually stop it.

Serious hemorrhoids require you to see a doctor, however, in less serious cases some home remedies maybe helpful.


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    The first and the most effective method is to apply witch hazel, apple cider vinegar or aloe vera juice to the external hemorrhoid. You should always remember to use a soft clean pad. This will be very helpful in stopping the bleeding and preventing infection.

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    For some the thought of icing your rectum might be a turnoff. It, nonetheless, is a very effective remedy for ruptured hemorrhoids. You can apply ice to reduce the inflammation and swelling while managing to relieve pain at the same time.  For the next few days you will have to apply ice for 15 minutes and then remove it for the next 15 several times a day in order to get your hemorrhoids under control.

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    It is better that you keep your anal area soft and elastic for which you should use neem oil.

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    Purchase a hemorrhoidal cream and apply it on your hemorrhoids to reduce the swelling. It is preferred that you use one with an anesthetic for the itching, pain and burning.

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    After a bowel movement you need to use baby wipes for cleaning yourself, as they are softer as compared to regular toilet paper.

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    Donut shaped cushions are specially designed for haemorrhoid problems. Buy one and use it to relieve pressure on your busted hemorrhoids.

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