How to Cure Irregular Menstruation

Menstruation or the Period is a cycle that occurs every month in women and includes the bleeding of the internal lining of the uterus. The cycle is ideally repeated every 28 days and indicates the fertility and reproductive health of a woman. Menstrual irregularities can occur and the cycle length can vary from 21 to 35 days. The reason could be due to stress, exhaustion, dietary malnutrition, drug effect and pregnancy. It is important that this cycle is regular so that emotional, hormonal and physical health of a woman remains sound. Irregularities can be treated through herbal, medical and lifestyle changes. Though the reasons and requirements for each irregularity are different, there are some general treatments that are helpful in most cases.


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    Herbal remedies:

    For years, herbal remedies have been used to cure any abnormalities in menstruation with success. Using herbs as treatment have no side effects because they are natural products. Herbal medicine can also be prepared at home. One of the most commonly used herbs is parsley. It can be brewed to make tea by boiling it in water, which can be drunk after passing through a sieve.

    Another herb that is useful is ginger. Boil grated ginger in water for twenty minutes and drink up the solution. It will make you feel a hot flash but is useful in regulating menstruation.

    Other herbs that you can try are rosemary, fever few and sage.

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    Medical treatment:

    Medical treatment by consultation with a gynecologist can help take specific conditions in note and cure them. This will usually include use of hormones, changes in contraceptive methods and prescribed medicines.

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    Lifestyle changes:

    Apart from the medicines, the way you lead your life is a very important element in determining your health condition. What you eat, think and how you move makes a lot of difference. It is important that you eat healthy food that is enough to meet your daily nutrition requirement. Make light exercise like jogging a part of your life. However, refrain from strenuous exercise because it can have adverse effect on the cycle. Stress and emotional distress also causes irregularities in menstruation. Engage in activities like yoga, friends and interaction with support networks to relieve stress and relax. The state of your mind has a very strong relationship with the workings of your body.

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