How You Can Control Your Acne

Tips for Controlling Acne

When I was nineteen, I thought I had only one more year before the unsightly circles on my beautiful face would disappear. I once thought those bumps appeared when you turned thirteen and left you when you turned twenty. The teen years. Yuck! The beauty of innocence is forever stolen once you reach maturity. Unfortunately for most of us oily complected out there, acne is forever with us. Thankfully we can control the outbreak with a few preventative measures that are easy and cost effective. But of course if you are someone who has inflammatory acne (the kind that only prescription drugs can help) the steps I will lay out probably will not do you much good. Your best bet is to see a doctor. The steps below are best for people with few breakouts (non-inflammatory). Below I will lay out just a few solutions that you can try at home.

Avoid sun exposure-Too much sun can cause blackheads and whiteheads and make acne worse. Protect skin with appropriate sun block with the right level of SPF. Additionally sun block does go a long way in preventing skin cancer and premature aging, which of course should be a major concern to us girls.
Vitamins– Avoid vitamins with Iodine in amounts greater than the RDA of 150 mcg. Supplements with Iodine greater than 150 may worsen acne.
Over washing your face-Do not wash your face more than two-three times a day. You are doing nothing but irritating your acne further if you wash more than that. Facial scrubs and products with high levels of Isopropyl(common rubbing) alcohol are never to be used. They will weaken or irritate sensitive skin which will only produce and aggravate acne.
Don’t pick your skin-I was the worst at this and still am to this day and I have the scars to prove it. It will only irritate blemishes and cause them to go deeper into the skin producing inflammation and infection. Do not have your hands anywhere near your face unless necessary, also be careful of objects that are close to your face (telephones) which are a breeding ground for bacteria. If possible wipe object with a cleaning cloth after each use.
Keep your skin clean and fresh-This means no makeup girls! Ok, I’m being too harsh. Make sure the makeup was never tested on animals and also that you do not have an allergy to the ingredients. A great makeup line to try would be Neutrogena. Wash your hands frequently if you can get to a sink often, if not we have those great trial size lotions/hand wash that have germ busting ingredients. I know it’s hard and I’ve said this often but avoid at all costs putting your hands on your face! This includes when resting or reading.
Avoid stress-Avoid it like the plague. I know, I know impossible right? But at least try. Stress can raise levels of different hormones, which leads to secretion of oil in the skin.
Be cautious when working out-Sweat is everywhere at the gym. Sweat leads to breakouts. Never ever wear makeup when working out. Number one, after an hour of sweating, makeup runs and that never looks good. Number two, pure and simple. Acne.
Healthy lifestyleDrink plenty of water. This is drilled into your heads time and again throughout your lives but it is true. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies too. This is such a powerful way to maintain your skin looking it’s best. Healthy and young.

I hope this little tutorial helped. I’m sure you will see a reduction if you follow all these rules. Do not skip even one believe me I have tried and have seen pimples come back the next day. A great product line to use in helping you keep a clear face is Proactive Solution. A cheaper version that I have found that works is Neutrogena. Found at your neighborhood drugstore. Good Luck.

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