How to Take Quinine Pills

Quinine pills are normally used to treat malaria around the world and have proven to be quite effective in that regard. In the United States, it is hard to find many brands of pills that contain Quinine because of the Food and Drug Administration having banned all but one brand, which is the Qualaquin, 324 mg capsule.

This drug, through availability on the internet, has also become popular in treating leg cramps but whatever the situation is, it is highly recommended that only the approved method be taken in order to avoid any undesirable effects that medication could have on your body. This drug is basically meant to treat malaria and using it for other causes, not prescribed by a medical practitioner could result in serious health problems without prescribed usage.


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    Normal Prescription

    Normally, quinine is taken three times daily in two capsules orally, for up to seven days, or if differently prescribed by a medical professional that knows of any diseases you are suffering from and medical background. This medicine is recommended to be taken with food, instead of on hollow stomach to reduce the venture of it affecting your bowel movements in a negative manner.

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    Safety with other Medication

    Like any other medicine, you need to be very sure that this drug will not have any negative effects when you are taking any other medication, especially for those with lifelong illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure or cholesterol.  This information can be formed on the packing as well, but will not be as specific as you need it to be and is limited to labelling out the types of diseases and not the medication it may react with itself. Some well known medication that quinine pills can react with are most antibiotics, cough medicines, antidepressants and many more, so be sure to confirm with your doctor beforehand.

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    In order to recover from the problem you are suffering from and having been prescribed quinine pills by a medical professional for your illness, it is essential that you follow through with the course for the time noted. Do not assume that you are better and cease to take the medicine, but try to act smart and keep on eating till the time your doctor has prescribed, comes to an end. If you are facing any unforeseen side effects and consider this medication of having a bad effect on you, do not hesitate in letting your doctor know about it immediately.

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