How to Walk on a Torn Miniscus

Athletes or other sports persons face many injuries and a torn meniscus is one of these common injuries that brings severe pain in knee and thus restricts the movement. People who play contact sports are more prone to get injured by torn meniscus because in these types of sports, sometimes people put more stress on their knee and end up in tearing the ligaments or tissues. A torn meniscus requires intense care and it becomes very difficult to walk while having torn meniscus. However, you can still walk while having torn meniscus by taking guidance from this post.


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    First of all, you should try to get as much information about the torn meniscus as possible because it will help you in getting valuable knowledge about its treatment which will be quite beneficial in avoiding greater trouble.

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    After having a torn meniscus, you should immediately contact to a doctor or physician for getting timely treatment. A doctor of physician will let you know the severity of the injury and will help you in recovering from this injury with proper medication.

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    However, usually doctors do not recommend walking because a torn meniscus can cause greater trouble. But in some cases, they allow slow walk in order to check the strength of the muscle and also try to evaluate the recovery process.

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    While having a torn meniscus, you need to stay patient and should always follow the instructions of your physician in order to keep your recovering process on track.

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    You should understand that recovery process of a torn meniscus usually takes 5 to 8 weeks depending on the intensity of the injury. You need to be patient during this period which will help you to recover before time.

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    A physician or therapist usually uses ice packs for reducing the pain and swelling on the knee. He also recommends certain type of exercises in order to improve strength on the torn tissues and it helps in walking slowly while having a torn meniscus.

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    Before walking, you need to start non-weight exercises which will help in improving strength in muscles. As soon as you start feeling better, you should start aerobics, swimming and some other relevant exercises in order to pace up the recovery process.

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    You should take care of yourself while walking because it is the most crucial thing that can cause you greater damage while having a torn meniscus. You should walk slowly by taking support of a walking stick or brace which will help you not to put your whole weight on your knee.

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    Always use brace or stick for walking and try to avoid putting weight on your knee which will help you in recovering fast by giving strength to the ligaments or tissues of meniscus.

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