How to Avoid Panic Attacks when Smoking Weed

Panic attacks are characterized with feelings of intense fear. A person under panic attack while smoking weed can start having negative feelings about dying from a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.  A person suffering from a panic attack may also feel dizzy and breathless. Although panic attacks can happen during any time, there have been many instances where weed smokers experienced intense panic attack which affected them for a period that stretched to days at times. It is very necessary to avoid the attacks because coupled with the high effect of the weed, they can prove to be quite harmful for your nervous system and self composure. Our step by step guide might be able to help with it below.


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    Tell yourself weed is not bad:

    These panic attacks are usually defense mechanism from your body which has been fed the psychology that smoking weed is a bad thing. If you start thinking the positive way and concentrate on the good feelings, a panic attack will keep away.

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    Do not over smoke:

    Over smoking weed accelerates these attacks. Stop on your regular dose and do not exceed it. Avoid the company of people who force you to intake more than you want. It is better if you smoke at a place you are comfortable at like your home and people like friends so that your nerves are at rest. Smoking at new place and with new people can double the panic due to the natural uneasiness of being in strange surroundings.

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    Take a break:

    If the intensity of the attacks keeps increasing, it is best to go on a break because these weaken your nerves and composure. Intense panic attacks may leave you affected for days, hampering your routine. In such a case, it might be best to take a long break from weed smoking so that your nerves get time to rest and build.

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    Drive away panic:

    When the attacks start, withdraw yourself to a place your are comfortable at like your own bedroom or couch. Drink a glass of cold water. Wash your face with cold water and take deep breaths. These actions should ideally drive away any mild nature panic attacks.

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    Take panic reducing drugs:

    There are a number of panic avoidance drugs available. One of the most commonly used ones are Xanax and Clonazepam. These drugs are normally referred to as benzos. Taking them before smoking weed can help you avoid the panic attack.

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