When Lovebirds Attack

Perhaps you have seen the cute little Lovebirds in the pet shop sweetly rubbing beaks and looking deeply into each other’s eyes. This is merely an act in order to trick you into taking these small beasties home.

Once you get them into your abode you will quickly discover that the sweet little birds are in disguise and in reality they have a gigantic thirst for blood.

I once owned a beautiful yellow Lovebird that was carefully hand raised. In the beginning she was a sweet and affectionate companion. She would sit on my shoulder and nibble gently on my ear while cheeping softly. I could carry her in my pocket and she would give me sweet little Birdie kisses.

Then one day for no reason at all my sweet little birdie stopped giving kisses and bit a off a small piece of my upper lip. I in no way mistreated this bird…it just decided to let its natural thirst for blood take over and with no remorse at all (I swear she was laughing at me) proceeded to try to consume my body a small piece at a time.

I could no longer let her sit on my shoulder as she had, learned to pierce my ears.

I was not mean to her even after this; I let her run around on the back of the sofa and chew up the newspaper. The paper didn’t keep her busy for long as she considered it great sport to dash across the sofa. , leap onto my head and sink her beak deeply into my eyebrow.

After this she was confined to her cage where she had many tiny birdie toys and plenty of birdseed. After a while it became a challenge to even give her food and water as she would take nabs at your hand through the cage when you tried to retrieve her dish.

I decided that she was unhappy with her life in my home and let her go back to the breeder. This did not help. She does not discriminate. She will bite anyone and anything she can. The last I heard she had bloodied the toes of several other lovebirds and inflicted several wounds in hands, ears, and has pierced at least one nose.

Please beware while shopping and don’t be taken in by the adorable creatures. Think before you buy, you may be the next victim of an unprovoked Lovebird attack.

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