How to Cure Hypothyroidism At Home

Hypothyroidism occurs when your thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones. Main symptoms include fatigue, hard stools and quick weight gain. There are many ways through which you can treat this illness at home. There are natural remedies for the problem by which you can cure hypothyroidism without spending heavily on treatment.

Some ways to cure include healthy diet, exercising on a regular basis, avoid the usage of stimulants, meditation and daily exposure to the sun.


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    Healthy diet

    Maintain a healthy diet at home and avoid junk food. Vitamin B is essential to cure Hypothyroidism so consume foods that have high content of the mentioned ingredient. Foods that are useful for this purpose include raw fruits, whole grains, fish, nuts and vegetables.

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    Regular Exercise

    Exercise is crucial as you can gain a lot of weight when you are suffering from Hypothyroidism. So, regular exercise is very important. Try to set a routine everyday to stay fit. Morning walks or running on a treadmill are two ways to lose weight whereas yoga is also an effective way to remain fit.

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    Avoid use of stimulants

    Do not use stimulants if you need to cure your illness. The use of coffee or alcohol is not good for your health and can affect the glandular system so make sure you stay away from them.

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    Exposure to sun

    Spend some time in the sun. Your body needs exposure to the sun in order to get the desired Vitamin D level. It is good to lie under the sun for a good 20-30 minutes so that your immune function and calcium metabolism improve simultaneously.

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    Meditation helps in relieving stress and is good for peace and calm of the body. Staying relaxed is very important during thyroid as you would not want to put further pressure on your body. Deep breathing usually helps in this case and yoga is also extremely useful.

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    Avoid emotional and physical stress

    You should try to avoid stress during this phase. Try to resolve your issues as soon as possible as stress eventually affects the thyroid function. Stay away from any tensions in the family and try to be happy all the time.

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