Symptoms of Bloodshot Eyes

There is nothing worse than having bloodshot eyes. Many times, bloodshot eyes are the result of irritation from pollutants like dust and smoke or from an infection and a particular allergy. Often, constant staring at computer and cell phone screens can cause eye strain which can result in bloodshot eyes. Also, people that wear glasses or contact lenses can often suffer from bloodshot eyes as the constant need to try and focus can cause the eyes to become red and irritated. Most of us do not even realize that sometimes bloodshot eyes can be an indication of something more serious than just a lack of sleep. Below are the most common causes and treatment for bloodshot eyes.


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    There are many things which can cause bloodshot eyes and the most common is smoke, dust and other pollutants that are in the air. These pollutants can often irritate and cause bloodshot eyes. Another common cause for bloodshot eyes is the effects from various allergies. Having bloodshot eyes can be the first indication that you might be suffering from an allergy. Wearing contact lenses or glasses can also cause bloodshot eyes. This combined with staring at a computer screen can create an ideal formula for bloodshot eyes. Most people work in front of computer screens all day and the obvious strain on the eyes can cause them to become bloodshot by the end of the day. Sometimes having bloodshot eyes can be an indication of something serious like Conjunctivitis or quite possibly a Corneal Ulcer.

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    Treating bloodshot eyes is not technical as there are many over the counter eye-drops that can be used to provide some relief. However, washing your hands before putting any type of medication in your eyes is imperative to prevent further dust and dirt from entering your eyes. Eye-drops are usually sufficient to clear up bloodshot eyes effectively. Home remedies such as an ice pack or washing your eyes with cold water can also provide effective relief for bloodshot eyes. It is important to note that you should not rub your eyes when they are bloodshot, as this can cause more irritation and create problems. Taking the proper allergy medication which is basically an antihistamine can provide effective relief from bloodshot eyes as well. Drinking plenty of water and taking vitamins can also provide some relief for bloodshot eyes. If after trying all the above mentioned treatment methods your eyes are still bloodshot then it is important to call a doctor or eye specialist that you can visit to ensure that your condition is not serious and that it can be easily treated with medication.

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