How to Extract Pine Bark

Research has shown that the inner and flashy bark of pine trees contain useful vitamins and mineral. Vitamin A and C are among the most useful natural minerals and the fact that pine bark contains them explains why it has gained significant importance in medical and herbal science over the last few years. There are nearly 115 species of pinacese family, according to reports published by American Institute of environmental sciences. Pink bark extracted from different species may have different strength, texture, taste and herbal effects.

This bark must be extracted from the trees, which is a simple process. You will be required to use a few tools along with some grease to perform this task.

Follow the tips below to learn more about how pine bark is collected from trees and delivered to the retail market.

Things Required:

– Basket
– Sharp hatchet
– Sturdy gloves


  • 1

    If you have pine trees in the land you own then you can start off immediately. If this is not the case, you will be required to acquire state office’s permit for cutting down a pine tree to extract pine bark.

  • 2

    Take your cutting tools to the place where pine tree is located. After breaking apart the outer bark, you will need to chop at the surface as hard as possible. Make sure you keep the blade at a safe distance to avoid hurting yourself.

  • 3

    Wear safety gloves and start tearing at the damaged outer bark of the tree. Apply force to separate it from the pine tree and this will allow you to reach the veiled inner bark. Use a hatchet to reach the surface of the inner bark. Dig about 1 inch deep to make sure you are able to extract the pine bark comfortably.

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    The surface of the inner bark can be further exposed by using the blade of the hatchet. However, protect your fingers while performing this task.

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    Put the pine bark you have extracted into a large basket or bucket. Pine Bark is typically prepared through grilling and broiling processes.

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