How to Use Methotrexate to Treat Cancer

Methotrexate is a drug that has been used for treatment of cancer, although now it is also used for treatment of skin problems and joints diseases. One of the major side effects of the drug is that it reduces products of cells produced by a person’s body naturally. So it reduces the defenses capability of a person to fight against diseases. This is the reason that taking methotrexate without advice from doctor is strictly forbidden, no matter for what reasons you are planning to take the drug.


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    Methotrexate is generally prescribed in a tablet form, and only in once a week. You might also be prescribed to get injected, but it has to be taken only once a week.

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    The drug is taken at the same time and day each week. You can switch the time and day for taking the drug, as it has a certain timeframe for loss of its effectiveness, and taking it at a rather reduced frequency can be risky.

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    The tablet should not be taken everyday or every other day. It is must to take the drug only once a week and at the same day you take the first dose.

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    Methotrexate is generally recommended in tablet form, and the table should be taken with food. It should be swallowed as a whole, not crushed or chewed. Both actions can increase risk of side effects.

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    Methotrexate can also be taken in injection form. The injection dose has to be taken the way tablets are taken, the same day and once a week.

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    Do not determine the quantity of dose yourself. Consult your doctor first, and get the drug prescribed.

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    Methotrexate is generally prescribed in 2.5mg quantity, not greater than that. So you make sure you stick with the quantity even if your condition is serious. Do not alter the dosage without consulting your doctor. Taking a higher dosage is very risk for your body.

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    Make sure you check Methotrexate tablet before taking it. Because you might confuse the 2.5mg quantity with 10mg, which looks similar. So it is must to check the dosage before you take it.

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    Consult your doctor in case of change in your body condition. It can be due to the side effects of the drug. Do not waste your time in consulting with your doctor. There is a serious risk of any serious side effect, so do not leave any change in your body condition unnoticed.

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    Methotrexate does not work immediately, and you might be required to take the medicine for three to 12 weeks time. So be patient. You can consult with your doctor frequently to see progress of recovery and if the doctor says to stop taking the drug, do it at once.

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    Some of common signs of side effects are fever, sore throat, bruising and bleeding or development of any similar symptoms. In that case, see your doctor immediately.

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