How to Read Blood Diagnostics

If you have any problem or went to your doctor for a routine check up, it is likely that your doctor will ask you to have your blood tested for evaluation. The doctor will then analyse your blood report to verify whether you are healthy or not. Some people just find it hard to wait till the doctor and want to know what is in their report. No doubt, there is nothing wrong with that in fact, an individual should be able to read the blood diagnostics as it can prove useful later on.


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    Evaluate your CBC results

    After you have received your blood report, you must check your CBC result in the report. The CBC results tell about the total count of the blood cell in the sample of the individual. Keep in mind that your blood comprises of platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells. These types of cells can be further evaluated depending upon the individual count of the cells. If your CBC report is unusually high then you are more likely to be a patient of lymphoma. On the other hand, if your count is too low, then there is a possibility that you have immunity disorders primarily HIV infection.

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    Check cholesterol levels

    After you have analysed your CBC report, you must evaluate your cholesterol level. Remember that your cholesterol level is very important for your health as it will tell you whether you have a cardiovascular disease or not. The normal cholesterol level is 150-250 mg/dl while a poor result emphasises the need to make significant changes in your daily diet.

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    Analyse platelets level

    You must not misunderstand the importance of platelet levels. They play a vital part in blood clotting and are of reasonable importance for traumas. The level of platelets in a healthy person should be 150,000-200,000 but if your platelets level is low than that then you must talk to your doctor in time and follow the instructions.

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    Check your amylase values

    You should also check your amylase values. Amylase is a molecule which converts sugar in intestines and saliva. The normal level of amylase is between 25 to 125 ml.

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    Analyse kidney function

    The last important thing is to analyse the functioning of your kidney. You must check BUN level in your blood as this will depict the functioning of your kidney. The Bun level for a healthy person is between 10-20 mg/dl.

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