How to Treat Asthma Attacks at Home

It can be terrifying to see somebody suddenly having trouble to breath. It is even more horrifying if you are clueless about what to do. It is not advisable to take care of it at home completely but knowing home remedies will at least equip you with what to do when the attack suddenly happens. If you have some knowledge, you will be able to keep the situation under control at least for some time before a doctor is available. You need to be very calm and follow some of these simple steps to take care of asthma at home.


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    A quick trick for home treatment is cold coffee. Even if you are not a fan of the taste, consume it for your health. It is a bronchial stimulator and has a high doses of caffeine. It helps in opening the throat and if you have been coughing continuously, it also helps with the swelling.

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    Ice packs should be placed under the arm. It will help in normalizing the breathing by reducing the inflammation in lungs. They shouldn’t be in direct contact with the skin. Wrap them across the chest and under the arm. Many people get irritated by it but it really helps.
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    Do not be scared if you throw up. Due to constant coughing breathing gets difficult and vomit helps in taking the mucus out. Do not try to control it. Make sure that they are in the right position when vomiting so that choking can be avoided. Also you could advise the person to spit as it helps in clearing the mouth.
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    Hot surroundings

    In this condition it is better that surroundings are moist and hot. If there is a humidifier in the house, turn it on highest settings in the room with the patient. In earlier days when there were less options, people would stand under the hot shower to get the heat. It will also work great now if you do not have a humidifier or are on vacation.
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    Honey and basil

    If you have suffered a severe attack, it is very helpful to drink a mixture of honey with equal amount of basil leaves. It has been researched that many asthma patients found this very helpful. This mixture helps in soothing the throat as it has anti inflammatory properties. This way more amount of air can pass through.
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