How to Treat a Bacterial Infection at Home

Bacterial infections have become very common. These infections lead to an increase in diseases, leaving you with a weak immune system and disturbed routine. Bacteria are always present inside our body. They are friendly and needed for the maintenance of the health. A bacterial infection occurs when these bacteria go out of control and reproduce excessively. A bacterial infection can also be caused when harmful bacteria enters the body and trigger a response. You need to counter these infections as soon as possible to avoid getting sick any further. Only one percent of bacteria is known to be harmful for human health but this one percent is enough to strap you to the bed for days. Bacterial infections are usually treated with antibiotics but these drugs are very heavy with their own side effects. Home remedies are the best way to deal with these infections so that there are no side effects. There are some common infections that are caused due to bacteria.


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    Treat bacterial vaginosis:

    Bacterial vaginosis places many women in an uncomfortable position with itching, secretion of liquid and odor from the vaginal area. This is also known as a yeast infection. One common remedy for this infection is to consume as much yogurt in your daily routine as possible. Try to incorporate yogurt products in at least two meals of your day. You can also apply a yogurt-soaked tampon directly into the vagina. Taking a bath with addition of a cup of cider vinegar removes the odor. People suffering from vaginosis should keep away scented and flavored hygiene products from their vagina.

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    Bacterial ear infection:

    Bacterial infection in the ear can cause pain, hearing problems and itching and the situation could be quite irritating. Most doctors take a few days time before prescribing medicines to cure the ear infections. You can use home remedies to relieve yourself. Press a warm salt water bag to your ears. This will reduce the pain and prevent the bacteria from growing.

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    Bacterial diarrhea:

    Bacteria can also disturb your bowel region and make the body lose hydration and minerals through diarrhea. When you experience such a situation, multiply your intake of water, juices, fluids and soups. You need to replenish the body's needs. Avoid dairy products during diarrhea. Try to intake as much fluid and semi fluid food as possible.

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