How to Treat Pediatric Asthma

Asthma is unfortunately a common problem and people of all ages including children are affected by it. It is important that proper treatment is in order to have a healthy life. The problem cannot be completely eradicated but its impact can be reduced to a great degree.

Children who have asthma can have a lot of trouble in breathing, particularly in the winter. Taking precautions and treating the asthma with a change in lifestyle as well as taking medication can help to a great extent in reducing symptoms and improving the overall condition of the child.


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    This is the first thing that you will need. Medication has to be taken as per the schedule the doctor has provided. Generally the medication will include pills and syrups as well as inhalers. In most cases, inhalers are for emergency use when there is an asthma attack. However, in some cases, it is to be used as per schedule in order to prevent an attack in the first place.

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    Herbal Treatments

    Herbal treatments can be very effective as well though they should be taken along with the medication. Taking honey generally is very good and it can be taken with warm milk to keep the body warm. Similarly drinking warm beverages such as green tea and milk tea can also be helpful.

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    Stay Warm

    Keeping warm is very important as this protects against asthma. Make sure that the child wears at least one extra layer of clothing. It will be a bit of an inconvenience but it will save them from a lot of trouble later on. Keeping the head and feet warm is also very important. Have heating available inside the house and avoid a dry environment.

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    Avoid Extreme Cold

    This is another thing to take care of. Extremely cold weather and wind in particular can very quickly be the reason behind an asthma attack. Avoid them at all costs as you do not want the child to have a tough time. Even if the child has to go out in such weather conditions, it should be made sure that warm clothing has been worn and the face is covered with a muffler so that cold air does not go into the lungs directly. Wearing gloves to keep your hands warm is also a very good idea.

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