Natural Remedies for Cavities

Having a cavity in your tooth can be a very painful and unpleasant experience. Cavities are usually a clear sign of early tooth decay and are essentially caused by the build-up of various bacteria and sugar. Depending on the size and location of the cavity on the tooth, the pain can be excruciating for the sufferer. It has been a long standing belief that once you get a cavity that you should visit your dentist and get the proper treatment which included filling the tooth with some synthetic material to fix the problem. Although this treatment suits some, it can be very uncomfortable for small children or others that are sensitive to pain from dental instruments. Below are a few natural remedies that are very effective at providing some relief from dental cavities.


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    Use Mint Leaves:

    Create a mixture by boiling two cups of water and adding a small amount of mint leaves to it. Once you let this mixture cool down to stain it. Take a small amount of this mixture and swirl it inside your mouth near the tooth with the cavity to get some relief from the pain. This method should be done a few times per day or until the pain starts to reduce.

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    Apply Garlic and Black Powder:

    By putting black powder on a clove of garlic and applying to the tooth affected can provide significant relief from dental cavities. The garlic and black powder essentially kill off the bacteria and help reduce any inflammation that may exist. This method is very effective at providing some relief from tooth decay.

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    Make Black Pepper and Salt Paste:

    Create a paste by using half a teaspoon of both salt and black pepper with a little clove oil. Take this paste and put it on the tooth with a cavity. This paste should be left on the tooth until the pain subsides and the swelling reduces. This method is very useful at reducing any pain associated with dental issues.

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    Use Clove Oil:

    Take a small amount of clove oil and put it on a small cotton ball. Apply the cotton ball to the affected tooth and let it sit there until the pain and swelling are reduced. This natural method is good at reducing the inflammation and kill off the bacteria associated with dental cavities.

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    Rock Salt and Ginger:

    Get some rock salt and put it on a piece of ginger. Take the ginger and place it on the affected tooth. This is an excellent natural remedy to provide some effective relief to dental cavities.

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