How to Decrease Blood Pressure

Blood pressure levels indicates the pressure with which your blood flows in your vessels. High blood pressure means a systolic pressure above 140 and diastolic pressure above 90. High blood pressure is a matter of great concern as it increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. According to a recent Harvard study, nearly fifteen percent of all deaths are a result of high blood pressure. Medications may seem like the obvious solution but are useful only when you are using them and can also have adverse effects. However, simple changes in lifestyle and diet can help bring down blood pressure and save you from any bigger peril and have a long term effect.


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    Keeping a healthy weight is important for reducing high blood pressure because the vessel are narrowed due to fat deposits. The narrower the vessels, the higher the blood pressure. Have a weight check and adjust it accordingly. Exercise is the best way to keep your blood pressure normal. You do not have to indulge in any strenuous exercise. A brisk walk routine is going to help a lot with regulating the blood pressure.

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    Your diet plays a great role in maintaining a healthy level of blood pressure. Inculcate potassium rich food in your diet as it is helpful in lowering blood pressure. Potassium rich foods are sweet potatoes, tomatoes, orange juice, potatoes, bananas and kidney beans. Apart from this, avoid high fat content food as the fat is deposited on your vessels and reduces their diameter. Add more vegetables and fruits in your diet. It is better to eat fresh and unprocessed food items instead of high processed ones. Eating whole grain wheat instead of processed flour is an example. Keeping a diet diary with calorie count can help you track down your weight along with regular exercise.

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    Sodium increases your blood pressure. Sodium is present in high content in cooking salt. Reduce sodium level in your food to 1500 mg or less so that your blood pressure can be controlled. To make up for the absence of salt in the meals, season with spices and sauces that are salt free.

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    Avoid consuming more than a single serving of alcoholic drinks. They tend to increase blood pressure levels and also decrease the effectiveness of medications. Avoid drinking in a row. You can allow yourself periodic drinking.

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