How to Cope with Hysterectomy Side Effects

Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of uterus in order to treat cancer, severe endometriosis or uterine fibroids. It is of two types: partial hysterectomy or full hysterectomy. In partial hysterectomy, only uterus is removed whereas in full hysterectomy, fallopian tubes and ovaries are also removed along with uterus. Remember that hysterectomy might also be required in order to stop vaginal bleeding which is not stopping after a child birth. Remember that hormonal levels are altered after having this surgery. As a result you might suffer side effects such as depression, fatigue and menopause.


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    Know the possible side effects

    You need to get information about the side effects of this surgery. Simply ask your doctor about immediate side effects and long term side effects. Keep in mind that side effects vary depending on the way uterus is removed. It can be removed either abdominally or through vagina.

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    One of the side effects of hysterectomy is gaining weight due to change of hormonal levels. For this you need to exercise regularly especially cardiovascular exercises. It is advisable for you to do exercises four to five times a week for almost half an hour. Remember that weight lifting will prevent bone loss which might occur due to this surgery.

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    The women who has undergone through hysterectomy might be facing from depression of not having children. She needs to consult a counsellor to help her cope with this problem. You can always give her options of adopting or becoming a foster mother. The counsellor or therapist might even prescribe you antidepressants. Besides these you can talk about her feelings which will help her cope with the pain she suffered.

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    Estrogen therapy

    You might suffer hot flashes or vaginal dryness due to this surgery. In order to treat this, you need to take estrogen therapy. However, there are risks involved with this therapy. You are required to learn its risk and compare with its benefits before undergoing through this therapy.

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    Fatigue and insomnia may be cause through hysterectomy. In order to deal with this you are required to get some rest. For this you need to sleep when you can and develop a good sleeping habit. In addition to this you need to refrain from caffeine. This is because caffeine worsens insomnia.

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