How to Spot a Steroid User

Steroid use is much more common than it used to be at one point due to a lot of factors that lead to one using such methods in order to increase their physical strength and how they are perceived by those around them.

There is much discrepancy by experts over whether steroid use should be banned altogether or allowed in certain situations, which has led to young individuals using it without thinking twice about how serious side effects may harm them internally and externally in the long run.

While steroids might seem like a quick way to boost muscle mass and gain that extra strength for training and working out, there are many things that it also affects in a negative way, which are most of the time, irreversible in nature.

When looking to spot a steroid user, keep in mind the steps below which can help someone determine who just may be taking steroids.


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    Increased Aggression

    One of the negative side effects of using steroids is increased aggression, which is caused by a number of other things related to steroid use. With increase in blood pressure, the user is always in a rage sort of mode and will be much more aggressive in nature than they used to be at another point prior to the drug use.

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    Change in Muscle Size

    If you have been working out the same amount of time as the suspected user of steroids, than a definite way to tell that some sort of foul play is involved will be to check the change in muscle size. Muscle size is always a key factor in the use of steroids and being bigger than those around you that have been working out for the same amount of time will be able to tell who is using steroids and who is not.

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    Thinning Hair

    While hair loss may not be something that can always determine steroid use, if it is not really common in that person’s family, than thinning hair may be a result of their use of steroids.

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    Acne is something that affects a large portion of those going through puberty and development stages, but it reoccurring in a furious way is very common in those in steroid users due to the increase in blood pressure and body temperature.

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    Shrinking Testicles

    With continuous steroid use, the shrinking of testicles is very common in the person who uses such methods to boost muscle mass and strength.

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