How to Get Rid of a Painful Headache

Headache is one of the common problems. There might be many causes behind this. Some are simple, but a few causes are really dangerous, such as high blood-pressure or weak eyesight. There are various types of headache, and fortunately most of them can be tackled through a few simple techniques. Treatment entirely depends on the nature of the headache.

If you are facing this problem continuously, you should quickly consult a doctor. However, there are several strategies that could you give you quick relieve. It is always better to avoid medicines. So, if the headache is bearable, try other ways to get rid of it.


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    Take any good pain relieving pill after contacting your doctor. It should not be done on constant basis. Instead of taking too many pain killers, you should actually find the real cause of headache. Most of the pills can give you comfort within 15-20 minutes.

    Aspirin is the best medicine in this regard. But avoid using it, if you are under 18 years old. This tablet is not made for the kids. If you have allergy with this medicine, take any other alternate one after contacting your physician.

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    Drinking plenty of water is the simplest solution. Dehydration could cause a severe headache, so you are required to give your body the required amount of water. If you can’t take drink a tall glass of water at the same time, start taking small sips throughout the day. Avoid drinking anything that could dehydrate you, such as coffee, tea or alcohol.

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    Find a quiet corner, and try to sleep. Even if you are unable to sleep, relax at least for 20-30 minutes while not thinking about anything problematic. Shut the blinds, and ask other members of the family not to disturb. Absolute peace will surely help you get better. When relaxing, adjust the room temperature according to your choice.

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    If the pain is too severe, use a cool compress. Take a clean towel and place it on your forehead. This will help the blood vessels constrict. This trick is particularly useful for those who feel pain in their temples or sinuses. Use ice or fresh water to make the towel cool.

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    Massage your head, forehead and neck to reduce the pain. This trick will not only distract you from the pain, but also soothe the blood vessels.

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    Practice relaxation techniques, such as Yoga. Trying different tricks for the distraction is very common all across the globe.

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