How to Treat Neuropathic Pain in Legs

Most people face the problem of pain in the leg muscles. There are many causes of the trouble. The pain could be due to excessive exercise to untrained muscles, length of the legs, walking in high heels, etc. The result is the accumulation of lactic acid in the calf muscles, which causes an excess of pain. But this pain can quickly pass, using a shallow massage to the calf muscle.

In case you are constantly plagued by pain in the legs, get medical advice. The cause of the pain can be a serious disease, such as varicose veins, atherosclerosis, arthritis, neurological disease. At home, you can get rid of the pain, but only by combining traditional medicine with drugs.


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    The legs may ache for a variety of reasons, which are the signal of internal diseases of the body. Diabetes begin with pain in the legs but the most common symptoms of this disease of the joints, muscles and ligaments are rheumatic diseases.

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    Healthy people do not think about their feet as a means of transportation. When the legs are healthy, they just do not feel, but when the swelling, aching pain that is becoming unbearable, they start thinking about their health. Pain in the legs can occur for many different reasons. They are the result of heavy physical strain, wearing tight shoes or sitting in an uncomfortable position for a longer period.

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    Pain in the leg muscles can be prevented or made ​​less intense. You must take out time to rest according to the state of health. That is, if you have circulatory problems, observe antiholesterinovuyu diet if problems with weight. Be sure to consult your doctor and get the necessary recommendations which will help in getting rid of the pain in the leg muscles.

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    Myositis - inflammation of skeletal muscles causes severe pain. The disease is very serious and requires constant medical supervision. Often develops in the presence of infectious diseases, injuries of the lower extremities. The pain usually starts with a feeling of physical fatigue. With late diagnosis and incorrect treatment, this disease can lead to death.

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    Excess weight is a very common cause of pain in the calf muscles, which is natural and inevitable result of increased pressure on the lower limbs, especially the small size feet.

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