JUMP Cancer Foundation

My elementary school gym class held an out of the ordinary gym class one day in December. I remember clearly now when flyers were passed around from child to child. I also noticed the jumping ropes scattered around the gym. That’s when one child asked enthusiastically, “Are we going to have a jump rope contest.” My teacher replied with a smile, “yes indeed.”
Two member of the JUMP cancer foundation were visiting my school that day to raise awareness for cancer and heart disease.

Their whole idea was for children to ask sponsors; parents, relatives, friends, for money based on how many times they consecutively jump roped. The children would ask their sponsors how much they would pay for each time they jump roped and then multiply it by the amount of times they jump roped consecutively. For example, if a person paid $1 for each jump rope, and the child jump roped consecutively for ten times in a row, then the person would pay $10 towards the cancer foundation.

Of course, most adults cannot resist a cute little child asking for money. The fact that the money would be going to cancer and heart disease made it all the more rewarding. Many children in the class didn’t sound too enthusiastic about the idea of making money and then giving it to someone else. That’s when the two people from the JUMP foundation told the class and school about the prizes that would be rewarded for reaching certain levels of money. T-shirts would be handed out as well as jump rope and other great prizes to youngsters. This got everyone very excited.

When the class ended, the talk of the school was practicing their jump rope ability to get the most amount of money possible to win the contest. In gym class, children practiced their jump roping skills and it became the most popular game at the park. The two men from the JUMP foundation were so ecstatic to see the children enthusiastic about raising money for a good cause and helping people in need. Not only was money being raised for a good cause, but the children would be getting great cardiovascular exercise by jumping rope. This would also teach children at the same time how to stay in shape and avoid heart disease caused by obesity, not enough exercise, and eating poorly.

The event was a huge success and was in the local paper. Every student enjoyed it who participated in it. Now every year, the JUMP foundation visits PS196 in Queens and other schools in New York City and in the U.S. to raise money for their cause. It is a great fundraiser and everyone benefits from it.

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